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Our Custom Work Portfolio

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Classic 18" Magnolias

Double doors are so much fun! Thanks Aisha for your order.

24" Peach Peonies

Thanks Lorena for letting us see the final result on your door!

Small Blush Pink Chrysanthemum

We made this little version to match the larger blush pink chrysanthemum arrangement. We aren't sure which we love more!

Blush Pink Chrysanthemums

The blush colors, the eucalyptus leaves, and the little pink and green details to tie it all together. Thanks, Kristyne for letting us bring this idea of yours to life!

Summer Sunflowers and Rosess

This 20 inch wreath was the perfect combo of elegance and fun for a beautiful summery feel. And a little extra personalization with the hand-painted letter for the family name.

Double Door Fall Set

This is the left side of a fall set for double doors. This client sent a photo of a single wreath similar to this one and asked for this to be matched with a full version without a fall sign.

Double Door Fall Set

This is the right side of a custom fall set for double doors. We were sent a photo of the half version of this and asked to create and full version as well to make it a set.

Glamorous Floral Arrangement

Yvette brought us this vase and asked us to make a glamorous, yet simple arrangement to match her formal living room.

Talk about gorgeous!

Small Light Purple Wedding Bouquet

Thank you Shiloh for letting us be such an important part of your special day! We are beyond happy for you and pray you live a long and blessed life with your new husband!

Matching Christmas Candy Cane Set

Thanks for another fun order Aisha! Nothing says Merry Christmas like candy canes and snowy wreaths.

Sunflower Swag

Wow! We love how you hung the fabric behind this swag and made it perfect for indoors! Such a great idea Marilyn.

Rose Gold Christmas on Rattan Wreath

We love the creative idea of bringing rose gold into Christmas! It's so fun and whimsical. Thank you Tran for this exciting challenge!

Large Thanksgiving Wreath

This extra large wreath looks like it was made for this beautiful large door! Oh wait... it actually was!

Christmas Wreath with Matching Garland

This may be the largest wreath we have made for indoors at a whopping 48". We also made two matching garlands. It looks beautiful hung over this fireplace! And we are told the second garland is on the stair rail. Sounds Heavenly decorated.

We Would Love To Meet You

It brings us great joy hearing from new friends, and not just for orders and questions. If you have anything you would love to share with us, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our duty first is to God who has sent us to serve our neighbors and to business second. If there is something specific you need prayers for, let us know. It would be our honor to pray for you!

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