Custom Order Process

To begin:

To begin the process for custom orders simply send us a message on our contact page.

Here, you will see a few questions to help you describe how we can create your vision. You may use some, all, or none of these. They are not required. They are only there to help. If you have no idea what you would like but you know you want something custom or just haven’t found something you love yet, that’s ok too. We would love to work with you to discover what you love. We can send images of generalized options and narrow down the details with some ideas to make it your own.

If you know exactly what you want, and even have a photo of something you would like us to try to replicate, that is great as well. To share your photos, just tell us you have an image you would like to share with us in the initial contact message and once you are connected with your creator, you will be able to share it in the conversation by email when they respond to you. We cannot guarantee we will be able to match exactly what you have, but we promise to do our very best. We have even had people send us photos and ask us to make it better and we stepped up to the challenge with success. So don’t be afraid to ask for whatever you are looking for.

After you have sent us a message:

Once you have reached out to us, a creator will respond to you by email within 24 hours ready to begin your complimentary design consultation. This is where you can share any pictures you have and discuss your vision in detail. Your creator will ask you questions and may send options and ideas to help you find exactly what you would like. After you are pleased with the final design you will receive 2 things:

  • A quote with an estimated timeline
  • A custom order form

Please watch for your emails and stay in touch to make this part of the process go as quickly as possible for you.

Creating your design:

After you review these, you will need to sign off on the custom order form. All custom orders do require a non-refundable deposit of $75. This will, of course, be applied to the total price of your project and will be included in your quote. This must be paid and your order form complete before we will begin work on your project. The payment processing options will be included in your custom order form. Once those are received, we will get to work! When your project is complete, will send you a picture for any changes you would like before a Final Invoice is sent.

Once full payment is received, your order will be shipped.

Custom orders are usually completed in 1-2 weeks unless there is a high volume of orders for times like holidays in which we will let you know ahead of time. To be safe it is always best to order early. If you require a custom order quicker than the estimated time, an additional $30 fee will be applied to expedite your order. This is due to the extra time that will be added to our creators schedules to work on your project while not pushing back anyone else’s order.

Once your order has shipped we will send you tracking information by email. When you receive your, we would love for you to let us know if you are pleased with the final results and send us a picture of how you decided to display it!

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